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Aqua Feed

Our expertise in this sector is largely attributed to the innovative and wide range of products which comes along with the assurance of Kelvin quality.

These concepts improve animal health and performance while also protecting the environment.

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Product Name Functionality
NEOCLEAR (BOTTOM PURIFIER) This formulation (pseudomonas SP, cellulomonas SP, bacillus SP, Thiobacillus SP) degrades a wide range of materials. It removes waste gases like NO2, NO3, NH3 from pond
NEOTOX XX (Water and Soil Pro Biotics) This combination removes Ammonia by the process of nitrification and de-nitrification removes HS toxis gases. Accelerate breakdown of organic waste and fragments of unused feeds.
NEOMAX (Hydrogen Sulphide and hardness remover) This innovative and unique formulation comprising rhodococcus SP and thiobacillus SP, removes toxic gases like hydrogen sulphate, nitrites and nitrates it also removes hardness of the pond water.
NEONITRO B1 (Ammonia Reducer) Reduces biological and chemical oxygen demand. Prifies and stablize watrer quality. Faclite adsorption of cases.
NEOZYME FE (Aquafeed enzyme) Improves digestive capacity. Increase body weight and better feed utilization. Improves nutrient availablity / absorbtion
NEOCCA (Probiotics & Enzymes) Binds Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide, sulphur-di-oxide and other toxic gases. Converts toxic nitrogenous wastes for development of planktons. Improves water quality by minimizing the production of pollutants

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