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Leather - Enzymes

Kelvin Bio Organics was established with the main aim of providing most updated ecological and economical Leather Chemicals for Leather industry. Presenting the product profile with application guidelines for our New Range of products.

We have achieved top slot in the field of enzymes - manufactured by submerged fermentation process. Beam house products. Spray dried powder syntans. Fat Liquors and Auxilliaries. Our complete range of products is well received by tanners in India and abroad. The important aspects of being a leading leather chemicals manufacturer is Assured Quality, timely supply and excellent technical service to the customers.

Kelvin Bio Organics manufactures these products under controlled conditions as per ISO 9001 2000 guidelines. Our range of products are being manufactured in the state of - art manufacturing facility in Chennai is fully equipped with latest computer aided systems to assure you of High Quality. Innovative ran, focus on reducing tanning costs, effluent load, case of use and predictable results.

All our products confirm to latest REACH compliance. DIN safety regulations on use of banned PCP, APEO, NPEO, chroinc VI and formaldehyde. For more informations and specifications please contact our representative in your region or can visit our website

Product Name Functionality
NEOSOAKS NEOSOAKS is an enzymatic soaking agent to be used when rehydration of hides or skins is very difficult. ideal for air dried preservation in very fatty skins.
NEODEHAIR - K NEODEHAIR - K is a bacterial spary dried enzyme formulation fordehairing of hides and skins.
NEOBATE - L NEOBATE - L is an Alkali Bate for bating of delimed hides and skins.
NEOBATES NEOBATES is an Alkali Bate for bating of delimed hides and skins.
NEOBATE - AB NEOBATE - AB is an acid Bate for low pH bating     
NEOZYME - FL NEOZYME - FL is a versatile enzyme preparation developed exclusively to reduce wrinkles, growth marks and fold marks in pickled pelt & wet-blues. It opens up fibers which leads to better uptake of chemicals used in subsequent operations. It must be used for making gloving, upholstery, natural dry milled and other softer articles.
NEOBATE - C NEOBATE - C is a concentrated spray dried bacterial enzymes formulation for skins/hides.
NEOBATE - AB CONC NEOBATE - AB CONC is a concentrated bacterical spray dried enzyme formulation for bating application in acidic pH Ranges.
NEOPON - D NEOPON - D is a pancreatic alkaline enzyme suitable for any type of leather.
NEOSOFT - UT NEOSOFT - UT is a special blend of enzymes carefully designed to minimize folds and wrinkles and to improve softness & grain smoothness of leather. NEOSOFT - UT has no negative action on grain structure of leathers.

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