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Kelvin Bio Organics


Kelvin Bio Organics serves customers in leather industry with a wide range of product enzymes like: Liming Agents, Wetting Agents, Degreasing Agents, Syntans, Acrylic Resin Syntans, Fat Liquors, Preservatives and Auxilliariers. Our wide range of products supports tanneries in India and abroad.


Kelvin provide a full range of enzymes like amylase, Acid cellulase, neutral cellulase, special catalase, pectinase and protease for various textile wet processing like desizeing biopolish, biofade, biostone finishing and grey cast effect on denim. Bleach clean up, bio scouring etc; Kelvin bioorganics continuously develop our product in order to have new innovative hybrid enzymes with unique features. New develop applications with in the textile engineering.


Kelvin Bio Organics serves Poultry industries with effective enzyme range. Our balanced enzyme formulations are well accepted by Poultry industries.

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Kelvin Bio Organics was established in Chennai, India, with the main aim of providing good quality, eco friendly products acceptable to the highly competitive global market. Our Company commenced its production way back in 1993 and augmented it's production capacity year after year by sheer quality & customer support to occupy a top slot for itself particularly in the field of industrial enzymes. Kelvin Bio Organics has wide range of specialty performance products for both leather industry and textile industry. For leather industry we have enzymes, syntans, fatliquors, degreasing agents and auxiliaries. For textile industry we have enzymes, scouring agents, softeners, silicones, lubricants, dye fixing agents and detergents. Ease of use predictable results and foremost of all our concern for environment have always been our hall mark, our scientist work for up gradation of our products to the challenges faced by the industry .Our dedicated technicians will always be at your door step to provide personal attention to solve your problems .Our professionals ensure excellent quality control at our in house high profile laboratory.
Kelvin Bio Organics an ISO 9001:2000 certified company stands as testimony for its commitment towards highest standards in quality.

1. Our Vision

The company seeks a very high Standard of performance to maintain a long term leader ship position in leather & Textile enzymes & auxiliaries segmentation. In order to promote Green chemistry in leather & textile market segments in which it competes.

2. Our mission

This will be achieved through Operating efficiency,continous dedication to customer care, cost effectiveness innovation. Friendly Eco products with continuous process in R&D in the field of biotechnology.

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