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Pulp & Paper - Enzymes

We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the manufacturer and exporter of Leather and Textile Chemicals from southern part of India in Chennai.The products are manufactured under controlled conditions as per ISO 9001 – 2008 guidelines. The range of products are being manufactured in the state-of-art manufacturing facilities in Chennai and the plant is fully equipped with the latest computer aided system to ensure high quality product.

Kelvin Bio Organics Private Ltd. is committed to serve the customers in enzymatic way out for all lignin based application. The company offers a wide range of Pulp & Paper Enzymes. We specially manufacture as per the needs of the customer’s process in the pulp and paper industry. We are using the modern method of biotechnology for full power of Pulp & Paper Enzymes for improving energy efficiency, quality end product and affordability of customer in larger industrial process.

Product Name Functionality
Neocell ES Energy saving enzymes for energy savings in refining.
Neocell DPX Deinking enzyme process for cost reduction in Chemical Reduction in pollution load
Neolase LSP Neolase LSP liquefying starch enzyme for reducing viscosity of starch.
Neoxyln Bio-bleaching enzyme for Chemistry ECF/ TCF bleach

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