Materia WP


Product Name Functionality
NEOTAN - CR NEOTAN - CR is a chrome containing synthetic tanning agent, ideally suited for the rechroming process for all tvpes of leather.
NEOTAN - NE NEOTAN - NE is a buffered neutralizing syntan in powder form for chrome-tanned leather
NEOTAN - RS NEOTAN - RS is a replacement syntan for the retanning of chrome and vegetable tanned leather offering a mellowfeel.
NEOTAN - PR NEOTAN - PR is a pre tanning syntan in powder form for Vegetable tanned leathers.
NEOTAN - MEN NEOTAN - MEN is a resin tanning agent with good filling and dyeing properties with low free formaldehyde content
NEOTAN -WS NEOTAN -WS is a whitening syntan for Chrome and Vegetable tanned leathers
NEOTAN - AN NEOTAN - AN is an amphoteric replacement syntan for retanning of leathers dyed to bright, brilliant Shades
NEOTAN - DCDM NEOTAN - DCDM is a DICYNADIAMIDE based Synthetic tanning agent with excellent filling capabilities suitable for retannage of alltypes of leathers
NEOTAN - N NEOTAN - N is a synthetic auxiliary dispersing agent, dye leveling and dispersion of vegetable tanning
NEOTAN - MYB NEOTAN - MYB is a tanning and retanning compound based on a blend of natural tanning and organic materials.
NEOTAN - OS NEOTAN - OS ls a replacement syntan for the retanning of Chrome and Vegetable tanned leathers.
NEOTAN - KC NEOTAN - KC is a protein filler with high filling and tightening characteristics
PR 87 Special Resin Based tanning Syntan

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