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We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the manufacturer and exporter of Leather and Textile Chemicals from southern part of India in Chennai.

The products are manufactured under controlled conditions as per ISO 9001 – 2008 guidelines. The range of products are being manufactured in the state-of-art manufacturing facilities in Chennai and the plant is fully equipped with the latest computer aided system to ensure high quality product.
We have been regularly catering to domestic as well as international markets. Our products are being exported from Chennai, India to various overseas customers in Far-East viz. China, Vietnam and Indonesia and in Indian Sub-continent Srilanka and Bangladesh by Sea.

Kelvin Bio Organics Textile Division offers Enzyme & Auxiliaries for the entire package in Textiles, in order to reduce process time, energy and usage.

Wet Processing of Textiles is one of the main steps before garment reaches a customer. The notification can have a high impact and will help the industry to control the pollution. Textile enzymes will also help mill sectors and Laundry processing unit to optimize cost of production by controlling the cost of energy, water and chemicals. In the dyeing mill it enables the manufacturers to meet the challenges of producing précised quality fabric in a cost efficient manner.

Kelvin Textile enzymes work in Denim and Non-denim fabric by loosening the homogeneous removal of the indigo on the denim. The process is called bio-fading. Bio-fading has opened up new possibilities in denim finishing by increasing the variety of finishes available to fade denim to a greater level without causing the risk of damage to the garment. In the wet process the productivity can also be increased using Textile enzymes -instead of hazardous chemicals.

Kelvin enzymes are bio-degradable components that don’t cause pollution to the environment. Kelvin Bio Organics has achieved Eco-friendly products with continuous process in R&D to promote Green chemistry in the field of biotechnology.

Product Name Application
NEO DESIZE POWDER Desizeing enzyme powder process up to 60 degree
NEO DESIZE 6000L HTA Desizing enzyme liquid for CBR/ CDR UP to 110 degree
NEO DESIZE LF Desizeing enzyme liquid from 50 degree to 110 degree
NEO DESIZE M Desizeing enzyme liquid from RT to 85 degree
NEO DESIZE HTL Desizeing Enzyme liquid from RT to 85 degree
NEOSCOUR PK Enzyme liquid to remove the residual H202 at 0.3% to 0.3 5%
NEOSCOUR PK SPL Enzyme liquid to remove the residual H202 at 0.1%
NEOSCOUR DS Enzyme liquid for desizeing & Scouring
NEOCELL SHINE BPX Enzyme liquid for denim/cotton at PH 4.5 To 5.5
NEOCELL BP 250 Enzyme liquid for denim washing at PH 4.5 To 5.5
NEOCELL BP SUPER ENZYME liquid for denim Bio-wash @PH 4.5 To 5.5
NEOZYME NCL Enzyme liquid for denim/cotton /knits @PH 5.5 To 6.5
NEOCELL  NCP NEUTRAL ENZYME POWDER Cold Enzyme powder for denim /cotton @PH 5.5 To 6.5
NEOCELL DENICEL ACL Cold enzyme liquid for Denim Tencil / lycra /cotton @PH 4.5 To 5.5
NEOCELL BIOWASH ACP Cold enzyme powder for Denim/ cotton etc@ PH 4.5 To 5.5
NEO CELL HYBRID Cold enzyme liquid for Denim/ cotton/knit @PH 4.5 to 6.0
NEO-TRIPLEX (COMBI) Enzyme liquid for Bio-Wash and H202 removal (Single bath Enzyme)
NEODENITEX XL Enzyme liquid for Desizeing and Denim washing to get grey cast effect
NEO- DENITEX XP Enzyme powder for Desizeing and Denim Washing to get grain effect
NEOSOFT CLS Liquid cationic softner for all type of fibres
NEOSOFT CWF           Cold Cationic softner flakes for all fibres
NEOSOFT NLS           Non ionic liquid  softner for whites and light colors
NEOSOFT NS                    Non ionic softner flakes for whites
NEO CSS SOFT                    Hydrophilic cationic softner
NEO CSW SOFT                          Hydrophilic non-ionic softner
NEOSIL EFX   AMINO SILICONE for silky and slippery feel 
NEOSIL 40               Micro Amino silicone for all  fabrics
NEOSIL FlEX G         Aqueous micro emulsion for a wet smooth finish
NEO SIL HSS             Hydrophilic  silicone softner /td>
NEOSIL NYS                    Non ionic silicone softner for whites.
NEOSIL AMINO CONC PLUS                  Concentrated micro amino hydrophobic silicon for all fibers
NEOSOFT UVR     Anti ozonatic softner for denims
NEOSOFT UVR XTRA             Anti ozonatic softner for denims
NEO WASH ABS X Anti back staining paste for all type of fabrics
NEO WASH ABS ZB           Anti back staing powder for all type of finishing
NEO WASH ABSL                Anti back staining liquid for all type of finishing
DMDHEU Resin for  Wrinkle free finishing

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